Students' Responses

"When I and Maxim were met first time, I had explained that I have a problem with speaking and listening because I used to be frightened to do mistakes and I needed in more clear explanation of grammar rules than at students guides which published by English/American publishers. These rules, sometimes, could be a little bit ambiguous due to we have different style of thinking. Maxim was able to avoid and eliminate the most of my psychological obstacles for learning English. I cannot say that I am fluent in English but could start speaking about various topics without sense of inconvenience. I am grateful to Maxim for his help. I feel that some language skills must be improved in future, but I am sure that we will overcome all issues.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Dmytro Shkvyra

"Dear Maxim , I would like to thank you for your guidance into business Eenglish. The first part is going to an/the end and now I can see how much is achieved. I have learned a lot on our classes. Mostly I am grateful for my fluency in spoken language. That’s a nice feeling to speak and be confident. Last month I was offered to help as a translator in a specific sphere. When I told you about that, you helped me without any hesitation. Thank you for your support and confidence in my abilities. In the second part of the course I hope to achieve more goals and to pass BEC exam.


I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Your student, Dasha

"Maxim Achkosov has been tutoring me in Russian via Skype. I selected Maxim because I enjoyed studying his UTube videos about the declinations of nouns, pronouns and adjectives where he gives examples for each case. He responded promptly when I inquired and worked patiently with me to make the arrangements to get started. Maxim provided a placement test which I enjoyed and further convinced me that I had found the right person for directing my studies. He has a balanced approach of using a text book, personalized translations, conversational dialog and covering other material. Maxim has created personized audio files and google share files online for me in addition to the hour lessons we have scheduled. Maxim has a positive disposition such that I have felt uplifted by every session and most importantly he has helped me to progress in business language skills.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Thomas W.

"The classes with Maxim were very effective and interesting! The teacher was always well-prepared and organized. The lessons were interesting and went fast (our classes were 1.30 hours). The diversity and individually tailored methodology of teaching made it impossible to get bored. The purpose of my studies was to improve speaking and writing. Thanks to Maxim I was very pleased with the result. I thank him very much for the good work!!!!

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Anna

"Trust me it is a pleasure to work with Maxim ! In my experience of learning the language I have met many teachers, including the native one. Though the most effective approach turned out to be that of Maxim – the approach to his students, the study materials and diversity. Attention to details, needs of the learners, preparation and delivering the classes in a friendly atmosphere are a hallmark of Maxim .

Maxim helped me in my preparation to enter the master’s degree. Maxim ’s knowledge and experience of taking international language exams and interviews was a big advantage for in the preparation process. Different variations of questions and answers, appropriate and timely points, details, strategies, tests and a thorough analysis of the results became the key to my successful admission. In this there is a significant contribution from Maxim ; that is what I am grateful to him for.

I am sure that Maxim ’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Duman A.

"Hi! My name is Victoria. I am 27 years old. I’ve been working as a literary reviewer for five years. For this time I’ve worked through a whole lot of various books. And if to say honestly about majority of them, would look like, “The most interesting in this book for me was to get rid of a price label”. What do I want to say? I want to say that with the teachers of English is pretty much the same as with books: it is not really easy to find the one. It is in the view that there are a lot of different offers on the market. Where I am leading to? I would like to say that Maxim Achkasov is a teacher of English you’ve been looking for. Just let me go little bit into details.

It is expertise, supported by variety of diplomas (half-wall), the majority of which – international and awarded abroad. It is being possessed (in a good sense) with the language. This helps the teacher be in vigour and infect others with love to English language. It is a talent (I was more inclined to the word “genius”, though you wouldn’t believe) to bring over to you one’s own knowledge in such an interesting way, so that you do not “swallow your yawns quietly” (as it was usually with the other teachers), but take pleasure out of each minute of the lesson. Each lesson is different: once you то вы dub a film, the other time you record your own performance, or try on a role of a bandit who is going to rob Louver, or then you pretend to be Ilya Reznik and write a song. This all takes place on English lessons. It isn’t at all boring and a good fun. You don’t really notice how soon you “got friends” with grammar and have already moved on to another level…

I and my husband have been studying with Maxim for about a year. And you know, I think, the best way to characterize his work is the following. When we are asked, “How is your English going?”, we synchronously and still with delight answer, "You know we are so-o-o-o lucky with the teacher!…" "

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Victoria Y.

"I have an experience of studying English in different language schools in Kiev. Because of this I know, not by hearsay, how it is difficult to find “your own” teacher. Having series of unlucky attempts I decided to have individual lessons exclusively with a tutor. I found tons of offers of English teaching on the Internet, though more than any my attention attracted one website, where a teacher himself gave instructions and advice on defining «the right» teacher. I particularly paid attention to such guidelines as:

- The primary job of a teacher is teaching;
- Preparation of the tutor to each lesson is subject to the individual approach;
- Punctuality;
- Possibility of running a trial lesson and trial period in the studies.

The trial lesson with Maxim had left an impression of an uninhibited, free and easy, and captivating process of learning English language. And I decided to start the studies and I have still been doing them for half a year by now.

While studying Maxim has used special material that related to my professional sphere. Besides basic course, - that is business English, - I was trained how to prepare and perform presentations, take part in variety of discussions in financial area.

On the whole the lessons are conducted dynamically, actively and informatively – with the use of different video, audio material and PowerPoint presentations. Maxim has a talent to “carry students away” in his teaching, to “restructure” one’s own thinking and “tune in” to the studies, what is particularly important for those who come to the lessons after an overloaded with work day. I am glad to continue studying with Maxim further.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Alexander Y.

"My lessons with Maxim Achkasov at the Language Courses "english4real" lasted for two months. I needed to develop my speaking skills within short period of time before I actually go to the United Kingdom for scientific probation. Maxim had chosen an Advanced level course for me, so I had to be very attentive on the lessons, plus to get thoroughly prepared for them at home. The main thing is that the high level and intensity of the courses have shown their result.

An indicator of a high level of teaching for me was the fact that the teacher has had studies in England, the communication during lessons was solely in English, and the course material were of high standard and foreign publicity houses (e.g. Longman, Oxford). At the same time I was glad to see quite democratic prices for the studies.

During lessons we used not only principle study material but audio, video and multimedia presentations too. Two hour lesson included grammar study, verbal and written exercises. Besides that different topics were offered for vivid discussion.

Maxim ’s approach to conducting lessons is exclusively creative, helps not only to learn to understand easily but to speak freely too: for example, I really liked an exercise in which one has to answer a question as fully as possible within a given short time. I also consider the techniques that help to memorizes new words that a student acquires during lessons to be very useful.

A complete and at the same time pleasant unexpected thing was a creative task to write a song. I hadn’t really found any special talents in me in that sphere, but to my surprise within half a lesson there was made up, sung and even recorded a song in English.

I want to say thank you for such effective and substantial lessons. I am interested in contuing my studies at this school.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Nataliya Y.

"I did a course of English with Maxim Achkasov for about half a year. The course was organised by our company for its stuff. As for me, that was really unforgettable time. During the studies realised that besides I learnt a lot of new things, I also got the motivation to study and develop further.

First of all, it was never boring on the lessons. Regardless what was the mood you entered the class with, a special atmosphere and the goodwill of the teacher immediately put all the troubles aside. In this, you only had a desire to study English more. So 1,5 hours of a lesson seemed to be a small celebration. Besides traditional text book we used variable additional material: games, crosswords, films, video presentations. Students in my group were more interested in developing speaking skills, for this reason we dedicated a lot of time to conversations in English on the proposed topics, worked out situations that we could come across when we are abroad and sharpened our pronunciation.

Maxim Achkasov impressed me with his enthusiasm, good knowledge of English and culture. I felt like a different person on his lesson, since we talked about things I had simply never thought before. But, the biggest achievement I believe is that I am not afraid of speaking in English, to express my thoughts and to hear an interlocutor. The courses with Maxim Achkasov were very useful and interesting. I can surely admit that thanks to them not only my knowledge of English changed, but my attitude to myself and to life changed too!! Thank you!!

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Elena K.

"I have to say I really did look for a teacher of English with all my recruiting thoroughness. There was a large entry. The winner appeared to be the Language Courses "english4real", and namely, Maxim Achkasov. The following lessons confirmed that to be right. The lessons not only help me to discipline myself (what is also important), but to rehabilitate the learning skills, to remember the pleasure one gets out of the process of studying, too. I do recommend him to my friends. Strangely enough, but I would like these studies to be longer.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Vladimir Z.

"There are several reasons why I’m studying at the Language Courses “english4real”. Firstly, I like the fact that Maxim gets ready for the lessons. Secondly, it is the attitude to us, students, which is conditioned by the purpose to teach us, not to collect money from us. Thirdly, I like his ability to switch our attention while we are in the class, so no one can “fall asleep”. Besides that, it is methodic material, namely presentations in PowerPoint. With the help of graphics and pictures, teacher helps us to get familiar, and then to learn, new words, phrases, and grammar rules. Good part of a lessons is usually  focused on working-out of right pronunciation, what is essential in English language learning. On the whole, lessons appear to be lively, active and interesting.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Artem D.

"I would like to say that "english4real" for me isn’t just courses. It brings pleasure from educational process. When you see first result, it’s like an opening of a new world, I mean English world, which you like thinking, writing and speaking about. The main point about "english4real" is the fact that the course attracts your interest, and in doing so encourages the whole personal growth and development.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Ksenia N.

"The value of the lessons with Maxim Achkasov is in optimal adaptation of the educational program to the personal tasks of each individual student. The teacher is highly educated, intellectual, polite, handles English on a live fluent contemporary level of communication. The newest methods and technological approaches are applied in the educational process. The lessons are held in a live and interesting atmosphere. As for me, the ‘salt’ of the lessons is free discussions on wide variety of topics.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Svetlana V.

"What I like the most it is the atmosphere, - positive attitude, optimism, possibility to discuss any kind of topics in English. Besides that, it is the sincere interest of the teacher towards my progress in educational process and to me personally.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Andrey K.

"I like the use of contemporary technology (computer, overhead projector, visual PowerPoint presentations) on lessons. This substantially lightens the process of the studies. The teacher - Maxim Achkasov - is punctual, has a clear structured program of studies. During the first lessons, he defines students’ level of English, and then, by taking into the account what students know and are able to use, designs educational process. I personally would recommend the courses to all involved in any car industry.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Alexander S.

"Over the whole period of Maxim Achkasov's teaching in Persha Studia company, he has demonstrated himself as a nice and experienced teacher. By the use of his experience, knowledge, and unique approach to the studies, Maxim makes education process particularly interesting and most effective. Besides that, from the psychological view I characterize Maxim Achkasov as a fine man who is always directed on renewing and introducing new methods in his teaching Practice.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Svetlana G.

"It is always a pleasure to be in the company of nice people... People, who you want to talk to and who encourage you to widen your thinking and knowledge. And the phrase, “Learn as long as you live” and or “Semper tire” (always a student) becomes relevant. Maxim Achkasov belongs to this kind of people. He is pleasant as an interlocutor – intelligent, and as a man – a priori. When you hold a conversation with him the time goes insensibly and always with a use. Hope the same is to him. In the intercourse with Maxim you ‘grow’ and learn to value yourself more, and to aim to success.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Victoria S.

"I would like to say that with the age it is quite difficult to feel at ease during the study process and to admit that you don't staudy as easily as before. However with Maxim Achkasov that is exactly what you can do. Besides, both the atmosphere and the ways to develop your knowledge certainly worth it.

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Sergei Y.

"Due to the professional activities I come to understand again that English is a must. Not once I started to study this language. But each time al learning process seemed to end in frustration – I was absolutely sure in my complete inability acquire the language. One day, however, it happened that Maxim was invited to our organization as a teacher of English. He changed my view on education. He, as a psychotherapist, fully scattered the complex of “school”, which probably has its own place in the minds of many till now, especially of those of middle edge. In other words he, as if he did it virtually, immersed us into the atmosphere of "native-speakers". Every time he appeared in the class one could feel a virus of freedom and ease. I not only stopped being afraid of the language, I also started to like the process of the studies. At that time the courses were being held in groups. After two years, when I was looking for an individual teacher I didn’t have any doubts who to go to – we sang songs, drew, chatted (it was despite the fact that I thought I couldn’t put together even two words). This is the way how people learn a language when they appear in another country. And this is probably the fastest way to learn another language. Certainly, grammar and pronunciation were taught in full, but the most important was that there was favorable emotional atmosphere created by Maxim .

I am sure that Maxim’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!"

- Larisa B.