From - WORDS MATTER WHEN LANGUAGE BECOMES ARTLanguage is behind our reasoning, our principles, our decisions, our choices, and our lifepaths. We think in language. Words formulate and bring into a concrete shape our perceptions, feelings, intentions, desires and practically everything about us. Words are the building material of our own identity and inner self. There are “truths” that help us explain the things around us, provide the ground for our actions and become the base of our behaviour. These could be parents’ advice, friends’ suggestions, some fictitious character’s opinion, a song’s line, the Holy Scriptures’ verse - often pretty short and concise phrases that become rocks or cornerstones we build our lives on, sometimes and perhaps without actually being aware of it.

From - Freedom of SpeechI like words. I’ve been attached to them since my teenage years. I still remember quite vividly the sermon of one young preacher that visited our small local church when I was about 14. I was sitting in the congregation, listening. I couldn’t believe that an ordinary talk could be so powerful. Simple words were formed into sentences and the sentences conjured up images and brought about some profound meaning to me. It had a clear sense. It was simple and yet really powerful. It was a little magic that made me believe in the power of words. This is why I like to listen. I notice what words people choose, what is really behind them and what they are trying to say. This is why I write words down.

Here is the web-site with some of the quotes and saying I find interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, encouraging and worth reading again.

- Achkasoff