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Posted by maxim achkasov

By becoming a member, you will have an opportunity to develop yourself and make a contribution to the development of the ELT profession itself. You can then choose free membership of one SIG. You will receive copies of AFELT Newsletters containing articles on ELT.

  • Reduced price at the Conference;
  • The debate training;
  • Finding out about ELT events and courses;
  • Fresh and sincere information;
  • Belonging to a family of language teachers;
  • To get in touch with other teachers;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Development opportunities, receive Newsletters;
  • To be a member of an electronic discussion.

We are to:

  • to improve the practice of language teaching and learning
  • to promote high standards of initial and in-service language teacher training
  • to foster high academic and professional standards
  • to break down the isolation that teachers experience in their freelance settings
  • to encourage cooperation and mutual support
  • to foster the articulation and development of teacher-theory concerning classroom language learning
  • to offer a regular forum for the introduction for the production and exchange of materials and other resources
  • to encourage the development of foreign language teacher identity and collegiality
  • to provide opportunities for personal language development