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15.07.2010 | Dmitri Vaga

On 15th of June at 23.30 p.m. my mom got a call from my aunt Lesya, she is actually our neighbor, too. Lesya said that she saw a UFO in the sky. My mom and I ran outside and saw 12 white clouds over us which were moving clockwise. I thought that that was funny and, of course, I didn't believe in any UFOs. Then I ran to my other neighbors and showed them that phenomenon. My mum said that some Europeans saw similar strange things before a hurricane. So she began to worry. Everybody who observed that didn't know what it was. I wanted to shoot the UFO, but my camera had limited features.

Next morning I called my uncle Alex in Kiev and he said, "You must draw what you saw and send it to me". I did that and Alex started a theme in the astroforum. People started to discuss these 12 white clouds in a night sky. Some said that they were just spotlights, others thought about aliens and some connections to inhabitants of the earth. I said, "If I am lucky, I will see that thing again at night".

And so it was. I observed exactly the same picture the following evening. Though, at some moment I remembered about the circus which stopped in our village. My neighbor Pablo suggested me checking it out. So we went to the circus. When we arrived, we saw the UFOs that landed. I shot that device and told this funny story to the circus workers. We just laughed and then understood that that was only a Mirazh, so-called plant. I called my uncle and he closed the theme in astroforum.

Black BMW 7th

05.2010 | Intermediate | Pavel Rusnak

Once upon a time there was a man. It was a very poor and unhappy man. He had no family, no hobby, no friends... nothing except his boring job in the office in a little unknown shoe manufacturing company. Every day he was staying in his office till midnight because he didn’t have anyone to hurry to. He had no plans and thought that he lost his childhood.

One evening when he was returning home he got under rain and got completely soaked. He reached his pocket to take out a pack of cigarettes, but there was none. He dropped the pack into a dustbin, but missed. Again he thought he was the biggest loser in the world. Then he took his eyes up and saw a billboard on the other side of the road. In capital letters there was written a strange phrase, “You are a blacksmith of your own happiness” and a telephone number a little lower but he couldn’t see it exactly since the numbers were really tiny. He moved towards the billboard across the road and nearly fell under the wheels of a big black BMW 7th, which was passing by with high speed and loud signal.

555-73-45 clicked a man on his mobile telephone, but in the answer heard only a voicemail, saying, “When you want to solve your life problem, do all things vice-versa”. “Oh, thank you”, - said the man and thought, that it was somebody’s stupid joke. He sat on the wet ground and started to cry. After a while he really decided to do all things vice versa. He had nothing to lose. So he steeply jumped and began to laugh very much and very loudly. The patrol cops car, which was passing by him stopped.

The next moment he already was sitting in a prison cell, and from the words of other prisoners understood, he was suspected in drug dealing. Unexpectedly for himself, though, during the next two weeks in the prison he met a lot of friends. When he was finally freed he began to create a radically new and strange model of new shoes, which had a big demand at that time. He met also a young girl and was ready to become a father. The secret of his success was that he was doing all things vice-verse.

When he was attending one party, which was organized in his honor, he decided to joke – he said he was going to jump out from the roof of his house into the swimming pool in the court. All his friends screamed, “Don’t do it, Johny!” But as we know he was doing always vice-verse … and he jumped.

When he opened his eyes he saw only wet hot asphalt, small pieces of glass and crump bonnet of a big black BMW 7th.

Snowy Storm

04.2010 | Intermediate | Alexey Sasimov

It was a usual Monday morning. Sam got up early at seven o’clock because he got fixed up in a new job. There he could earn 500$. It was a lot for him. It was his first work. He had taken a high education in the main university of Switzerland. He was a secretary. In twenty minutes he had a breakfast and went out from home. The day was usual but Sam felt that something might happen. When he was working his best friend named Luka called him. Luka invited him for a trip to mountains. Sam didn’t want to go there but there was his girlfriend Jane. He couldn’t miss a meeting with her, because he loved her. Next Saturday they took the skis and went by car to the mountains. The mountains were near the city so it wasn’t a big problem to get there. In thirty minutes our friends arrived and then they started their trip.

It was a sunny day. Nothing was to happen. Jane was listening to music but Sam and Luca were speaking about the weather. They heard on the radio that that day a snowy storm was ready to start, but nothing foreboded it. They pleased landscapes but suddenly sun disappeared and the snow began. It was nothing terrible, because it wasn’t a snowy storm, so trip continued, but Sam understood that we were in danger. They were four hours away from the town. Sam understood it but could do nothing, because he thought that if he said something about coming back, he would look like a coward. It was evening. The weather was getting colder and colder. Then we prepared the tent for sleeping. And in spite of everything it was his best evening in his life. They brought a lot of food with them and ignited a fire. Everything was ok. The nature around was beautiful. After eating they went to bed.

After a little while Sam woke up because it was windy. He understood that the weather changed. He went out and saw the snowy storm. Suddenly, the wind started to blow the tent off. Sam woke Luka and Jane and said that they must do something because they were in real danger. Luka offered to go to the town, but Sam said that it would be impossible because it was really dangerous weather. But Luka insisted on returning back and said that he would go to the town alone or with Jane. Jane decided to stay with Sam, then Luca left them and went to the town alone. Sam understood that Luca didn’t have a chance to survive. But at that moment Sam had to think only for himself and for Jane. He was face to face with the enraged weather and with his girl that he loved. Sam started to dig a hole. There they could hide from the storm. When Jane wanted to take things from the tent she couldn’t see tent because it was taken away by the wind. In fifteen minutes Sam finished digging then they climbed into the hole and started to wait. Sam remembered about his mobile phone. He wanted to call the rescuers, but there was no connection.

In two days they waited till the storm calmed down and climbed up to the surface. Everything was covered by snow. Sam called the rescuers and asked them for help. In thirty minutes they came and took them to the hospital. When they arrived to the hospital, they knew a bad news. Luca died. His dead body was found near the camp. Sam thought that that situation would be a lesson for their whole lives.


04.2010 | Intermediate | Nikolay Zazulyak

I think you must know it! It is one of the world’s endless questions, - Who we are and how we appeared.

I have decided that now I could tell you it because my life is protected. My facts will go through all historical and scientific truths.

When our earth wasn’t populated, it was one single continent. It was the place where the fist human civilization was born. We don’t know what it was called, though these people named themselves Ukri.

Ukri was developing very fast and every settlement has its personal vector of development. But they had open relationships and were populating all the earth. That’s why now we can find somebody who looks like us in all the places of the world.

But then for certain incomprehensible reasons everything changed. It was because an asteroid of enormous size hit the earth and split it apart. Everything was destroyed. However, there were some people, the smartest and most organized of that civilization, which saved their lives on one little part of land that suffered the least, we call it Atlantida. They made everything for the renewal of the majestic civilization and human settling all over the world. It was difficult to do since their world network of communication was destroyed and their language bit by bit changed and human being became more and more different.

Our government knows it but they don’t want to unite the world because they would lose their power and influence over us. We can see different political processes of supporting one or the other political interest, vector of development, and etc. But it is we who must do everything possible for our better future. It is because we are famous Ukris – the direct successors of our ancestors. We feel our forefathers. Besides, just in case if you don’t know, the abbreviation UA, it means, “Ukrainians Amazing”!

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