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Большинство из них были написаны в течение одного часа - 60 мин. - именно столько обычно дается времени на выполнение данного задания. Большинство из нас часто не осознают, насколько талантливыми и творческими мы являемся.
Song about beautiful girl

20.03.2011 | Andrey Ruban

Recently I saw her in the English lesson
I liked her smile and her wonderful skirt
The day was beautiful I was her fun
She was amazingly sexy like sun

Timid eyes, sincere look
Great desire, the room is booked  (2 times)

I was shocked, I have no money
I was broke I looked so fanny
I was glad I had your number
I was stupid I was a rambler

Timid eyes, sincere look
Great desire, the room is booked
Timid eyes, sincere look
Don’t let me dawn the room is booked … again

By Yana Kazmirenko

11.2010 | Intermediate

When I call you at the night
I start to cry
I think about you, my knight

My love for you - is second-hand
But you're for me - a famous brand
You are my obsession
Without any concession

My attention puts you off
You asked me to go for Medoff
You gave me name an ugly frog
And brought this creature to my work

You dream about my goodbye
Your friends advice you - to fly,fly,fly
But you can't fight your fate
Couse i'll wait you at the gate

By Natalia Kumitskaya

11.2010 | Advanced

I would like to live in sunny weather
I don’t want to go under rain
I would like to swim in friendly ocean
I don’t want to stay alone

Life is good when you are happy
Friends are near all the time
Spend your life and make it funny
And enjoy it all time

You can travel all around
Making friends in every place
Sound good and fine now
Singing songs to all friends

Sunny days and sunny weather
Rainbow in neighborhood
Sunny days and sunny weather
I feel it in my mood

By Nataliya Yashina

04.2010 | Upper-Intermediate

Poetry: Born Under Pressure

I don’t have a talent of conviction
My life was proved me one more time
Believe me please it’s not a fiction
It’s real fact of real life

All time I am trying explain
The main values which I see
But if people understood them
Maybe this world would be free

Unfortunately, I lack this talent
That’s why we live in our world
Sometimes it maybe trully vialent
But maybe not you will have hope

Ok, it’s song it’s just a writing
Don’t think about this a lot
If I ignored they would be fighting
I didn’t ignore, I tried and wrote…

By Alexander Andreev

04.2010 | Upper-Intermediate

Mama, take me home!..

I bought my computer when I was 17
It was already used by someone in canteen
It was very dirty and smelled not good
I spent long time to make it look good

I installed the soft in the hard drive place
That was stolen from my working place
I was very happy with computer of mine
But I didn’t understand what was hidden behind

When I surfed the Internet for my mate
The computer asked me for a little update
I didn’t understand what was hidden behind
I pushed the button yes, cause I didn’t mind

I continued to work seeing nothing around
I was into my job without any doubt
Then the window blew and the door as well
The SWAT appeared and I felt unwell

When I was able to open my eyes
I was taken by not very good surprise
Mama, mama, take me home
Because I am in jail and not alone

Anna Bulytko and Victoria Yanishevskaya

4.06.2009 | Intermediate

She was walking, he was sitting
She was smoking, he was drinking
She stop smoking while walking
And start crossing towards him

Plus and minus
Light and darkness
Angel and demon
Forever and more

Angel and demon find each other
They were happy, but everybody
Told that was not right
And all the world will fight

Plus and minus
Light and darkness
Angel and demon
Forever and more

Egor Tilpunov

02.2009 | Advanced

There goes the third autumn

There goes the third autumn
I’ve got into jail
The damn cell is rotten
My mind fades away

My friends had forgotten
So send me the mail
To visit me rotting
Give hope for a day

My wife beared a baby
While I was away
The child knows no father
But He’ll grow up the same

I was a good bady
Got just A’s at school
With health almost perfect
I was fastest in pool

The best grad from College
The best thesis in years
They said I’m future
Without hiding tears

You’d say I was lucky,
But here I’m away
Lost, damned, and forgotten
The whole thing is lame

There goes the fourth autumn
No difference here
I’m away at South Pole

I’m scientist in jail

Victoria Yanishevska

28.03.2009 | Intermediate

They met each other …

They met each other when the sun was rising
They both understood
That they were made for one another.
She was rich and he was poor
But their hearts were beating together.
That was true love
In real life.

They met each other when the sun was rising
They fell the same, they understood
That it was love
It happens only once.

They were young and fell in love
But they could not be together.
That was forbidden love that happens only once.
He gave his life for saving her
He sacrificed himself
Everyone now remembers and never forgets.

Larisa Bulash

03.2009 | Elementary


They were happy
She had a boyfriend
They lived together for some time
But they suddenly separated
Because they thought they found a better love
Twenty years passed by
But they found nothing really better
And he met one woman
They liked each other
But it looked like his first love
Her name is as that’s woman in the past
Now he thinks more about that woman in the past
When he sees this woman in the present
I would like to come back to that time
To see that nothing happened
To see that nothing happened
A – a – a – a !

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