Motivation in Studying English


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Graph description

04.04.2011 | by Marta Sereda

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Charts and Graphs Description in English


The Microsoft share price began 2000 at just over $110. Over the next three months it fluctuated dramatically, falling as low as $90 before returning to original level. However, in March 2000 it suddenly plummeted, loosing over $40 by April. Although the speed of the fall slowed slightly, it continued down to $60 by May. A brief recovery took the prices back to $80, where it remained stable until July. It then started to decline steadily over the next three months falling as low as $50 by November.

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Song About Beautiful Girl

22.03.2011 | Written by Andrey Ruban

Recently I saw her in the English lesson
I liked her smile and her wonderful skirt
The day was beautiful I was her fun
She was amazingly sexy like sun

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I am Happy to Be Me


Song by Alexey Sasimov.


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New Photos Have Just Been Uploaded


Photos at ENGLISH4REALWe have uploaded some of the recent photos and the pictures that were taken quite a while ago. We hope the gallery will be a good reminder of the time some of us had while studying and working together.

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IELTS Results


Maxim Achkasov, the teacher at ENGLISH4REAL, has successfully passed IELTS test on the 5th of March 2010. The results are presented herein.

Maxim Achkasov, IELTS test results.

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English Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Passive Forms of English Verbs


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Online Support


Online Support and Studies at ENGLISH4REALThis page is designed to assist students in their studies of English as a second language, provide them with an opportunity to discuss things through together online, and help them develop their own word/phrase bank.

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Writing Sagas


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Кому преподавать английский в компании: штатному сотруднику или независимому тренеру?


Автор: Максим Ачкасов

Кому преподавать английский в компаниию Максим АчкасовАнглийский становится все более востребованный в украинских компаниях. С одной стороны это потому, что некоторые из них привлекают иностранный капитал и, соответственно, больше вынуждены взаимодействовать со своими иностранными акционерами. С дрогой стороны, многие выходят на зарубежный рынок, что в свою очередь подразумевает общение и работу с иностранными заказчиками.

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Business English Vocabulary: Staff Motivation


Business English Vocabulary: Staff Motivation
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Presentation Practice in Business English Studies

23.07.2010 | By Denis Kozhuschenko

Short presentation on the Programming Courses at PershaStudia Academy as part of the requirement of a Business English course on the Intermediate level by Denis.

Theme for Astroforum

15.07.2010 | By Dmitri Vaga

On 15th of June at 23.30 p.m. my mom got a call from my aunt Lesya, she is actually our neighbor, too. Lesya said that she saw a UFO in the sky. My mom and I ran outside and saw 12 white clouds over us which were moving clockwise. I thought that that was funny and, of course, I didn't believe in any UFOs. Then I ran to my other neighbors and showed them that phenomenon. My mum said that some Europeans saw similar strange things before a hurricane. So she began to worry. Everybody who observed that didn't know what it was. I wanted to shoot the UFO, but my camera had limited features.

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Modal verbs: expressions of general ability.

15.07.2010 | By Dmitri Vaga

Short explanation of the use of modal verbs to signify general ability in the present and past tenses.

English Vocabulary: Parts of Face

23.06.2010 | By Maxim Achkasov

Short presentation of the words used to describe parts of a human face.

Graph description by Denis Kozhuschenko


BEC preparation practice: One minute talk by Andrew Tyurenkov


Best Story Writer Winner


PavelFirst of all congratulations to all participants of this contest on writing really nice and remarkable stories! There is one author, though, that is worth being particularly noticed. It is Pavel Rusnak for writing BLACK BMW 7TH. "It had the best structure for a short story of that length, and it was told with humour and lots of irony. The last line was perfect." - said the jury.

Thanks to David L Rattigan


David L RattiganBig Thanks to David L Rattigan who has assisted in marking and assessing the best students' story! He is a British-Canadian writer living in St Catharines, near Toronto, Canada. Among his writing interests are religion, film, the arts and linguistics.

Meeting with ITC-Training in Prague


Ing. Iva Brozova, the director of ITC Training, and Maxim Achkasov met at ITC's office in Prague and agreed on students' exchange programs. So, anyone from ENGLISH4REAL courses willing to spend some time studying English in a beautiful European city, please, contact Maxim.