Grading system

Any task (homework, test, examination, etc.) is graded as follows:

A1 (95-100%) - This work is outstanding and deserves a distinction. All relevant points are made, it is clearly presented and shows that the trainee has read the relevant sections of the handbook, follows advice given by the trainer and is thorough.

A2 (90-94%) - This work is of an excellent standard. It is clearly presented and shows that the trainee has a thorough understanding of the topic.

B1 (85-89%) - This work is of a very good standard. There may be slips in understanding, but the trainee generally understands the topic.

B2 (80-84%) - This work is good, but improvements can be made. The presentation may not be up to scratch and the content may be lacking.

C (70-79%) - This work is satisfactory. It will have gained at least 70% of the marks. There is a great deal of room for improvement however and trainees would be advised not to be satisfied with more than one grade ‘C’ in the course.

U/ungraded - This work has not achieved the required standard to gain a mark. Less than 60% of the work is correct.

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