About Business English Training Services

Business English Trainer

Maxim Achkasoff is a specialist language trainer, who focuses on verbal and written communication for international business. He has been actively involved in training and teaching since 2002. He has two degrees (B.A., M.A.) from the University of Manchester, Great Britain. Learn more

Training Methodology

The program of any studies is characterized by the use of individual approach to the learner. A special course is defined and dsigned depending on the purposes, level of English, age, professional experience, and expectations of the learner. Learn more

Training Materials

The materials the trainer uses is largely formed and designed to provide maximum help for the students to develop their skills in business communication, broaden active vocabulary, and perfect grammatical knowledge. The courses contain four levels starting with Pre-Intermediate and finishing with Advanced. Each lesson involves certain themes related to the sphere of business and the lexica-grammatical sphere of the language itself. Learn more


Fees are based on the specific program, length, format and number of participants. Please contact for details.


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