Methodology in learning russian as a foreign language

This section is to provide you with a brief description and rational of the educational process.

Any program of studies at Glagoll is characterized by the use of individual approach to the learner. A special course is chosen depending on the purposes, level of the language, age, professional experience, and expectations of the learner.

Language Courses Glagoll with Maxim Achkasov: MethodologyCorrespondingly, to apply for the course each of the potential students should (1) take a test, (2) fill in a questionnaire and (3) be interviewed. This is necessary for two main reasons. Firstly, to define the level of the langauge the learner has. Secondly, to design an approach to the studies, that is most effective and suitable for the learner.

The complexity of the entrance test is geared towards the suggested level of the learners’ knowledge of the language.

The questionnaire is formed to determine the main learning skills and styles of the potential student; his/her cognitive abilities and personal capacity in the spheres of comprehension, understanding and memorizing new material.

The main aim of the interview is to define the learner’s purposes, terms, expectations, available time and particular preferences in the approach to the language studies.

Based on the results of the test, questionnaire and interview, the teacher and the potential student are to agree upon the learning material, the main methodology and principles of the educational process.

As soon as, the overall purpose, level of language knowledge, and period of studies are defined, the teacher offers a particular program with the suggested terms and results to the learner for consideration. This part of introductory process is essential since the student’s clear understanding of the main direction of the studies will help him/her to concentrate on both the immediate task that is placed for him/her now and overall goals of the whole program. The trainer believes that each learner needs to see the way in which the material is “incorporated” into the overall educational context and the role it plays in reaching the main purposes.

The methodology includes a whole range of different methods and techniques, directed to guaranteeing the effectiveness of the educational program. The combined approach to foreign language studies provides the learner with the necessary skills for his/her successful use of Business English, ability to: think and speak; comprehend speech audibly; understand grammatical structure; read and write; to have a rich vocabulary and good pronunciation.