About courses of Russian as a foreign language

The courses of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) with Maxim Achkasov offer lessons to both individual and corporate learners. Out of a wide range of contemporary education material provided by the market today the teacher suggests textbooks that are the newest and accord to the purposes, ability, professional activity and personal preferences of the learner.

About the Courses of Russain as a Foreign LanguageRole plays, case studies and tests are regular features of each study unit. All students are constantly encouraged to use their own experience and express opinions to make their involvement in the learning as deep as possible.

Recognizing students’ time limit, before any course begins, a comprehensive needs-analysis to determine the exact areas of the language one needs to improve is realized with every prospect student.

The trainer uses manifold teaching methodology with the application of effective pedagogical approaches and techniques. Each programme includes exercises and tasks, which are directed towards developing and strengthening the learner’s independent thinking in analytical and creative approaches to solving issues raised in studies.

Throughout the courses, a monthly review of one’s strengths and weaknesses are explained and discussed with the trainer. On the course completion, each student should pass the final examination. After the full satisfaction of all program requirements, each student is given a Certificate that certifies the student’s level of the language knowledge and use.