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12.09.08 | Upper-Intermediate | Vyacheslav Kulko

Were you afraid of Moidodyr when you were a child? If you say no, you either have no memory or had no imagination. Well, just try to imagine now a creature that consists of sink, toilet, buckets, brushes... And this creature is alive, it moves and tries to catch you and... wash you to... holes..? Or how should we otherwise translate Moidodyr (Wash-to-holes)?

So, there was one boy six years old who just investigated that Moidodyr exists. It was not very scary near the mother and sitting on the chair in the park sunny day. The boy had wasted his hands by soil and didn't want to clean up. When mother told him a story about Moidodyr the boy was not surprised, even boring a bit. “Of course, when you waste you hands, don't expect story about gremlins that steal the bad boys who don't eat soup. This story is waiting for you at a dinner” - the boy thought. He knew all mother's tricks very well.

In a month boy was moved to the countryside to his grandma. The official version told that boy had to take vitamins and sun. But the boy suspected that mother and farther don't love him anymore and want to get out of him. Now he very regretted about some of his faults that were the most annoying for his parents.

So, the boy rambled by the house and one day he opened the door of the room which resided under the roof. The room had steeped wall (actually it was a roof) with a windows on it. The half-round window started straight from the floor. Faint light spreaded across the wooden squeaking floor. There is only old sofa was in this room... and... It was the GIGA cupboard. It was abnormally huge and improbable old. There were billions of one hundred years old teapots, cups, strange porcelain figures... It was.. Well, it was Moidodyr's boss.

At this moment grandma lifted by stairs to this room. She had a brush with paint in her hands. “Oh, you've founded this room yet, good boy. This is just on time, because I am painting you room so you have to sleep in this room tonight” - she said.

The boy cried all the day but grandma was inflexible. So at the evening the boy went to this room. Those evening he dried his teeth as never before, he cleaned his ears perfectly, he even brush his hair what he didn't do never in his life. Than the boy went to the room switch on an old lamp near the bad (the lamp made a circle of light across his bad) and laid down on the sofa. Grandma kiss his and went out of the room.

Nobody knows what happened those night. But when at the morning grandma opened the door, the boy was sitting on the floor where cupboard should stay, watching into the window and don't hear her. When grandma touched him, he turned back and grandma saw that the boy absolutely grey.
In a week boy's parents took him to the city, and he became the only grey first former in the world. And than he became a TV star. But he still don't like Moidodyr. And his children don't know nothing about Chukosky's books.