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The Letter

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30.07.08| Intermediate | Vyacheslav Kulko

It happened one day when I was at work.
The phone rang and when I took the receiver men's voice said, "Hmmm, It is ‘Lost-and-found’ service speaking.
Are you mister Kulko?
"Yes" - I said
"We have something for you. You've lost your life".
I had no time for jokes so I said something impolite and interrupted this dumb conversation. Next day receptionist said to me: "Mister Kulko, please come to the reception. The ‘Lost-and-found’ service has something for you".

It was very good opportunity to finish this joke so I went to reception.

I was quite surprised when I saw a messenger. It was a dog. Not small dog, which I don’t like (honestly, I think that there are two different kinds of animals - small dogs and big dogs). It was big, healthy and proud creature. Everyone who see him will trust him definitely. The dog was glad to see me. He raised and came to me as an old acquaintance. There was an envelope on his neck.

I took the envelop and saw: "Read it". There was just one word in the letter: "Enough".
"Enough" I read and took a look at the dog. He was laughing as only a good dog was able to.
"Enough", I said and walls of the building disappeared. I was not scared because I felt fresh air, sunny... It was quite unusual for Wednesday when all things tend to be unresolved and you have no time... You have no time for anything.

Then I saw my wife. She stood on the roof of the neighbor building and there was another big dog near her.
"Hmmm, you said enough to your work? I did not expect it" - she smiled.

Building under her legs slowly became invisible and disappeared in a minute. And... we came... higher and higher... The four of us... And now we are happy without... how does spell that word?