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22.10.2013 | Lilia M.

So, today is the 26th of September and this is the day, I arrived to Bombay, India. I’ve already been in a bus and come to the mu hotel. I’m feeling quite excited, because, if you want to know, 9 hours in a plane is too much. But I’m here and everything is going well…still. There is a humid climate here and at the beginning it was difficult to breath but with the time I forgot about this.

In the outdoor the view is so multicolored. There is a huge variety of nationalities. Buildings, the people of different social classes. Everything come together here – cars, animals, peoples, carts.

Everything is moving all the time. The people’s clothes are loincloths and Indian traditional suits of different colors. After our dark subway I feel like in a cartoon.

Before this travel I had read about this town. The articles or stories warned me to be careful with the citizens and that there were embroil doubtful adventures and food (because Europeans stomach isn’t adapted for this kind of food). But I know you are interested in all of this the same way as I am, so I decided to try a bit on the ban. After my hotel settlement I’m going to meet with an Indian person from Bombay, because I want to feel an inner atmosphere of Bombay and nobody knows it better than the citizens. Then I’ll go to a street restaurant (the food is everywhere) to try the national cuisine.

One more thing, I’ve noticed everybody, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman - they chew and then spit out something red. Looks awful, but I will find out what it is.

So, my dear readers, I’ll upload photos and videos every day. If you have questions about this place, just ask and I’ll try to find the answer. Hope you will enjoy my travel and find something beneficial for your next trips.

Speak to you soon again.

Sincerely yours. L