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Crane Zahariy's Story

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12/10/2011 | Anna Ustenko

Crane Zahariy was huge and strong. He built big a new bridge across the river Dnepro. Many people looked at him every day when they were passing by it while going to work. He was yellow like the sun. One morning Zahariy woke up. He didn't see the blue sky. It was a nightmare. But it wasn’t dream. He was lying in water and ugly brown oil was all around him. He didn't understand how it had happened. Many people stood around him and laughed at him.

Zahariy was depressed and confused. More and more people were coming to look at him.

Somebody was taking a photo of him. Somebody was trying to climb on him. This continued for many days. Crane understood that these people with photo cameras weren’t his enemies. They talked with him and brought him some presents.

But Zahariy felt lonely. He couldn’t work and he didn't remember how this accident had happened. Crane opened laptop and started write in twitter. He was describing all his emotions and that he was very thankful to all people who helped him.

Soon Zahariy became a star. And one day people on big cars set him on foot. Crane was happy and pleased. He could build the bride again. And he promised to himself that he wouldn’t drink alcohol any more.