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Black BMW 7th

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05.2010 | Intermediate | Pavel Rusnak

Once upon a time there was a man. It was a very poor and unhappy man. He had no family, no hobby, no friends... nothing except his boring job in the office in a little unknown shoe manufacturing company. Every day he was staying in his office till midnight because he didn’t have anyone to hurry to. He had no plans and thought that he lost his childhood.

One evening when he was returning home he got under rain and got completely soaked. He reached his pocket to take out a pack of cigarettes, but there was none. He dropped the pack into a dustbin, but missed. Again he thought he was the biggest loser in the world. Then he took his eyes up and saw a billboard on the other side of the road. In capital letters there was written a strange phrase, “You are a blacksmith of your own happiness” and a telephone number a little lower but he couldn’t see it exactly since the numbers were really tiny. He moved towards the billboard across the road and nearly fell under the wheels of a big black BMW 7th, which was passing by with high speed and loud signal.

555-73-45 clicked a man on his mobile telephone, but in the answer heard only a voicemail, saying, “When you want to solve your life problem, do all things vice-versa”. “Oh, thank you”, - said the man and thought, that it was somebody’s stupid joke. He sat on the wet ground and started to cry. After a while he really decided to do all things vice versa. He had nothing to lose. So he steeply jumped and began to laugh very much and very loudly. The patrol cops car, which was passing by him stopped.

The next moment he already was sitting in a prison cell, and from the words of other prisoners understood, he was suspected in drug dealing. Unexpectedly for himself, though, during the next two weeks in the prison he met a lot of friends. When he was finally freed he began to create a radically new and strange model of new shoes, which had a big demand at that time. He met also a young girl and was ready to become a father. The secret of his success was that he was doing all things vice-verse.

When he was attending one party, which was organized in his honor, he decided to joke – he said he was going to jump out from the roof of his house into the swimming pool in the court. All his friends screamed, “Don’t do it, Johny!” But as we know he was doing always vice-verse … and he jumped.

When he opened his eyes he saw only wet hot asphalt, small pieces of glass and crump bonnet of a big black BMW 7th.