Английские идиомы в деловой лексике

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  • Английская идиома: get a word in edgeways

    get a word in edgeways

    Join a conversation in which another is speaking continually and leaving little opportunity for others.

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  • Английская идиома: up and running

    up and running

    If a business or a plan is up and running, it has started and is functioning successfully.

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  • Английская идиома: start from scratch

    start from scratch

    To start from scratch is to begin from the beginning, to set out on some action or process without any prior preparation, knowledge or advantage.

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  • Английская идиома: run out of steam

    run out of steam

    Run out of energy. The allusion in this phrase is clearly to steam engines which gradually slow and then stop when the fire that powers the boiler is too low to produce steam.

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  • Английская идиома: get down to the nitty-gritty

    get down to the nitty-gritty

    The heart of the matter; the basic essentials; the harsh realities.

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  • Английская идиома: learn the ropes

    learn the ropes

    Learn something new. A nautical term, from the days of sailing ships when new recruits had to learn how to tie knots and which rope hauled up which sail. After which of course they would know the ropes.

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  • Английская идиома: for a song

    for a song

    If something goes for a song, it is sold at an unexpectedly low price.
    "I was able to buy the car simply because it going for a song."

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  • Английская идиома: by and large

    by and large

    On the whole; generally speaking; all things considered. Many phrases are wrongly ascribed a nautical origin just because they sound like mariner's lingo.

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  • Английская идиома: below the belt

    below the belt

    An unfair, underhand tactic. The rules were updated later and eventually superseded by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules in 1867, which form the basis of the rules for modern day boxing.

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  • Английская идиома: win-win


    The term win-win refers to a situation or proposition where both or all parties benefit from the outcome.

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