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Business English study material

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The materials for the study of Business English vary and are a subject to individual purposes of a student. However, in whatever material is used the teacher follows clear systematic methodology and takes into account the real capacity and ability of a learner to grasp the knowledge of a foreign language. More than that he applies the successive approach “from simple to complex” topics and grammar structures and, in so doing, develops the students’ skills in all four areas of language usage: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Consistent method is also applied in grammar studies. In his courses the teacher uses manifold approaches to explain and illustrate new grammatical rules. These include variety of texts, games, audio-materials, and drills. He seeks to integrate the technique of stimulating the students to formulate and construct the grammar rules by themselves. By the way of revealing something new or solving some-kind of lexical task learner perceives the material not as something being “simply given”, but as something being “owned” and personalized.

Good and extensive vocabulary plays a significant role in effective communication.The programmes introduce the usage of new lexical constructions on all levels of educational process consistently and systematically. He integrates new words and phrases jointly within a single semantic field and pay attention firstly to the words and phrases that are used in every day life most often. Then, according to the level of studies they widen and enrich vocabulary and the use of idioms and, thus, make the language more natural and diverse. As in any other languages, English consists of numerous stable phrases or “specific blocks” of phrases. Therefore, he makes particular stress on the use of these phrasal constructions, idioms and cliche on the higher levels.

All the texts included in the course he uses are taken from various sources. Among them are: newspapers, fairy tales, narratives, magazines, interviews and radio programs. Each module has its own speech tasks that aim to reach a certain result. There is no such a task that is given simply for the sake of utterance. Therefore, new words and grammar rules are learnt with the interest and understanding.

To conclude, the teacher believes that there are several necessary aspects to materials to be called effective.

- Firstly, it is the hierarchy and sequence of the material. There are no unreasonable “jumps” from easier to more difficult information and vice versa. Certain succession should be obvious in all stages.

- Secondly, the inner sections are joined together in a manner, which allows one to see a logical transition from one stage to another.

- Thirdly, the time suggested to study one unit accords its volume and complexity.

- Lastly, the courses applies the, so called, “frequency principle“, i.e. material that is used in language most often (both lexical and grammatical) comes first.

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* - Materials the teacher has worked with are: StraightForward, MasterClass, Incredible English, Cutting Edge, The Business, Market Leader, Intelligent Business, International Express, English File, Headway, Total English, Inside Out, Business Result, Profile, PASS Cambridge, CAE Result, Speak Out, Outcomes, Language Leader, business ONE:ONE, Objective, Business Benchmark, LifeStyle, Face2Face, Business Basics, Enterprise и д.р.