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Why study with English for real?

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Firstly, it is because the teacher practices “live” education. Boredom and drift are the very last things that he wants to see on the lessons. He doesn’t believe in the effectiveness of “dead” classes. That is why each lesson for him is “an event”.

Secondly, there is no such a thing as lecturing in the studies. It is totally essential for the teacher, that each and everyone understands the subject and is able the use the language in his/her daily life.

Thirdly, it is because of the punctuality the teacher holds on to. There were literally very few delays from his side during the whole period of the service.

Fourthly, it is because of the quality and diversity of the material, which he constantly renovates and improves.

Fifthly, it is because he is open to help students during off-hour time (students can contact him by e-mail).

Finally, it is because of democratic style of teaching. He is adherent of neither authoritarian nor indifferent attitude to the students. He pays attention and gives respect to each student and tolerates criticism (if there is as such).

Having said all that, there are several other significant advantages of working with English for real courses, which are worth mentioning: