The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Ukraine


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The British Council is the United Kingdom organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are a recognised world authority on cultural relations, English-language teaching, education and the arts. British Council in Ukraine
Cambridge English is one of the world's leading English Language Teaching publishers, with market-leading courses and supplementary materials for learners of English in all age groups. We continue to lead the way in the development of new materials for teachers and students across a range of platforms, including online, interactive whiteboard and mobile phone applications. Partner News
The mission of the University is to creat an innovative education system for training professionals, personal growth, scientific research and consulting that complies with the requirements of informational society and corresponds to the needs of international and national labour markets.  
Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, fnd education by publishing worldwide. Partner News
Linguist Ltd is an official distributor of Cambridge University Press and Heinle Cengage Learning in Ukraine. With its 13 years old experience in the ELT market the company offers a great range of the educational materials, provides the high quality service and runs regular seminars, workshops and presentations. Partner News
Центр іноземних мов "ТСП" засновано в 1995 році як спеціалізоване підприємство з продажу літератури для вивчення англійської, німецької, французької та інших європейських мов. ТСП пропонує продукцію тільки найвищої якості, від найкращих європейських видавництв, сучасну та автентичну. Наш центр приділяє велику увагу вчителям іноземних мов. Partner News
"International House Kyiv is an affiliate of The International House World Organisation, one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools worldwide.
We are committed to constantly implementing high standards of quality and innovation in language education and teacher training."
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Macmillan Education is a global publisher of English Language Teaching, digital, online materials with the main office in Oxford. We work with local teachers, universities, educational authorities and Ministries of Education to develop high-quality coursebooks and supplementary materials to suit the needs of today’s classroom. Read More
ORFEY UKRAINE LTD is the Ukraine’s number one retailer and wholesaler selling a range of products that extends across education, entertainment and information. From home delivery of the New York Times to a wide range of English Language Teaching (ELT), trade, scientific, professional and technical books and journals form the core of our business. Partner News
Напрями діяльності компанії Dinternal-Books:
• Забезпечення навчальних закладів книгами англійською мовою
• Проведення безкоштовних презентаційних та методичних семінарів у навчальних закладах
• Інформаційна підтримка семінарів та інших освітніх заходів видавництва Пірсон-Лонгман
• Проведення книжкових ярмарків.
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