The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Ukraine

About IATEFL Ukraine

IATEFL Ukraine was founded as a non-profitable organization of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language the Headquarters of which are in Great Britain. Due to the official registration of IATEFL Ukraine the date of foundation can be considered 1993. IATEFL Ukraine branch is based on principle of each members' initiative. Any activity of the organization is free and is supported by each members' freewill.

Since the date of its foundation, IATEFL Ukraine has been running a number of various ELT projects aimed at supporting Education Reform in the country and developing ELT professional networks because the main goals of the organization are as follows:

- Enhancement of English teaching at schools, colleges and higher educational establishments in Ukraine

- Strengthening of cross-cultural awareness of Ukrainian students of different age groups

- Expanding and sharing of teaching experience in the area of languages

- Participation of teachers and trainers, members of IATEFL in concept programs creation, development and implementation

- Assistance and supporting of local English teachers community within different regions of Ukraine

- Cooperation with other educational organizations and representatives of publishing houses

During the 20 years of its existence, IATEFL Ukraine has done the following:

- Held 17 Annual National Conferences

- Up to 2003 there were regional conferences in all five regional sub-divisions of IATEFL Ukraine within respective SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

- Held 2 International Summer Institutes jointly with TESOL Ukraine, US Embassy and British Council Ukraine

- Held 3 local Teacher Trainer and Train the Trainer Summer Schoolsf

- With the support of British Council, IATEFL members participated in ESP Curriculum creation, development and implementation

- IATEFL members took active part in implementation of several ELT projects run by the British Council

- IATEFL Ukraine encouraged and encourages its members to participate in International events for English Teachers

- Up to 2004 IATEFL Ukraine quarterly published its local magazine "IATEFL Newsletter"

- IATEFL Ukraine has Partnership Agreements with IATEFL Poland and Association of EFL Teachers of Ostrava, Czech Republic